A child from Cosma Foundation being sponsored to attend primary school.

Our Vision

At African Hope Network we believe that every child should have access to high quality education. We’re a small, rapidly growing NGO dedicated to improving quality of primary schools in Uganda. We identify evidence-based, cost-effective education programs to pilot and scale. We believe in data driven decision and continuous learning. We aim big – our goal is to select programs that can be scaled to regional and national levels through strategic partnerships.


Charles goes over the program design during a school's first training day

Our Reason for Being

The education system in Uganda is in need of transformation. Of the estimated 7.5 million children in primary school, the majority are not learning. For example, only one out of ten children at the P3 level can read and write at the P2 level. On a given day 20-30% of Ugandan teachers are absent. With almost 3/4ths of Ugandan pupils not finishing primary school, the first years of primary education are critical for millions of Ugandan children. Luckily, in the last decade, a large amount of research has been conducted about improving school quality. Today we have a better sense of which programs are successful to help children become literate and numerate. At AHN, our goal is to make sure that information goes beyond academic articles – and is put into action to transform Ugandan education.


Six of the AHN FellowsOur Background

African Hope Network started programming in Uganda in 2011, initially supporting high-potential young leaders (AHN Fellows) throughout Uganda who were running grassroots community based organizations. We provided training and funding for them to implement effective projects across a variety of sectors: education, agriculture, and health.


Our Current ProgramsIMG_0163 - Copy

In early 2015 we narrowed our focus to improving quality of education in primary schools in Uganda, building upon our core values of empowering young Ugandan leaders. After talking with our fellows, conducting interviews with over two dozen experts and completing an extensive literature review, we launched our first high-impact education program – a scorecard program that improves monitoring and governance in local primary schools. There’s compelling evidence that this program increases pupil attendance, test scores, and teacher attendance. (Zeitlin et al., 2011) In the mid-2015 we worked with our AHN fellows, who have deep connections in their local community, to launch the program in a dozen schools.  We are currently designing our scaling strategy to implement the scorecard program in even more schools in 2016.